A Big Woods Hunt
    This year Rich and I wanted to try something just a bit different, but I had some time restrictions on my hunting time this year.  We wanted a remote hunt.  We wanted to include a few close friends who had never joined us on one of these.  And we wanted to have the ability to change gears if necessary... (relocate due to sign, weather, etc...)

     We decided to try hunting the Moose River Plains area somewhere between Inlet, NY and Indian River, NY.  This is a vast wilderness area.  I had heard about it from stories of Jim Massett, the legendary Adirondack hunter who had been pulling MONSTER BUCKS out of here for years.

     We wouldn't be able to hunt it quite like he has... getting in 15 miles by the dirt road, then getting another 8-10 back in the deep woods and setting up a base camp, but we could at least get back in there and utilize one of the numerous campsites that the state had set up back there and then hunt from a tent, utilizing the road and numerous trails to provide further access.

     I was anxious to try this and find a few more options for hunting opportunities, plus... I just always seem to have to see what's over the next ridge....
   Here's our campsite.  As you can see, we were really roughing it!  We even had picnic tables.  (The outhouse was unuseable though)  We were "IN" the second week of November and experienced very unseasonably warm weather for the Adirondacks.  You can see both Dave and Corey are wearing tee shirts!

    This probably affected the deer movement. (or lack of it)  For almost our entire time in there I never wore a jacket, just a heavy shirt.

    But even though the hunting was unproductive, the camping was very good and comfortable.
    We found enough sign to let us know that some nice bucks live back here.

     Jamie found this nice shed, and we all found rubs and scrapes.  We just had difficulty finding the deer.

     I hunted the high ridges on a couple occasions and found very little sign up there.  When we did come across any indications of deer activity it was almost always down low and near the river or edge of a beaver swamp.
    The Moose River Plains is definitely NOT for everyone,... or else everyone would be here!  There aren't very many deer.  The campsites are primitive at best... but they are remote!

     But the country is rugged and beautiful.  With hard work and a bit of luck a hunter can earn a trophy that would make anyone proud.  I know I'm going back "IN".
    What's Cookin'?   After hunting all day, its important to refuel.  Corey did a great job preparing potatoes and brats here.  Rich is supervising.  Good hot food, a few beverages with friends around a campfire, and a comfortable place to rest your tired bones makes it easy to pound the hills tomorrow.  We really had an great setup here.
    We hunted some great country.  Saw a few deer.  We got away from the world for a few days and once again... GOT SHUT OUT! 

     This story is getting just a bit old!

     But Rich, Dave, Boo, still had hunting to do.  My time was about over since I'd lost vacation time when Pop got ill and an injury I was to suffer later.  Oh well.  I know I still have an awful lot to be thankful for,.. and a lot of hunting still to do...
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